Frequently Asked Questions

What do you clear?

Absolutely everything, including hazardous waste (Chemicals, Asbestos Waste Oil etc), Heavy machinery, filing cabinets, desks, computers, scrap metal, furniture & more. Pallets, cardboard, waste paper, ink cartridges etc.

What areas do you cover?

All of the South & Mid Wales areas.

Can you supply the Waste Transfer Notes?

Copies of any waste transfer notes or waste disposal receipt’s can be supplied when requested.

Can I make an appointment for you to visit me on site?

Yes, usually visits will be within 3 working days. If it is a large premise it would be better for us to visit the site so we can see what’s involved with the clearance. If it is a small job (1day or less clearance) a telephone call or photographs may be sufficient for us to provide you with a quotation

Do I need to be on site when the clearance takes place?

This is entirely your choice, all employees are fully trained and can be left alone once we have received your instructions, or you can remain on site whilst we work.

Will you supply your own tools & equipment?

We supply all cleaning equipment, trolleys, cutting gear, vans, lorries and skips. And, any other tools that are required to get the job done.

Can I e-mail you some photographs?

Yes, e-mail photos to in some cases photographs will be sufficient for us to quote, larger jobs will require a site visits but a few photographs will give us a general idea of what you require.

Do you also offer a cleaning service?

Yes!! On all clearances the premises shall be swept through thoroughly, but additional cleaning services and regular waste removal facilities are available. You must tell us if you also require a clean so we can include this within your written quotation.

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